Roscoe Village Home School Days

Roscoe Village sets aside homeschool days each year so children can get out, socialize and have the freedom to explore. Children learn by doing hands-on crafts. The hands-on crafts can include tin punching, candle dipping, weaving, rope making and top painting. Hands-on crafts can make the day for school groups, homeschoolers and church groups.  Allow 30 minutes for each craft. 

September 12 & 13, 2019 ~ 10am to 5pm.

Enjoy hands-on crafts such as candle dipping, tin punching and wooden top painting. Take the Canal Town Journey tour and hear the blacksmith's anvil ring, print a bookmark at the print shop, write on a slate at the one-room school or visit the doctor′s office to learn about Canal Era medicine. Discover a wonderful treasure at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum featuring Oriental, American Indian, Historic Ohio and Special Exhibit galleries Experience a leisurely ride on a horse-drawn canal boat at nearby Lake Park.

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