Educational Programs at Historic Roscoe Village

At Roscoe Village, students embark on a field trip to remember when drafty, one-room schoolhouses were heated by a single Franklin stove, and lessons were copied on small slate boards. Students become immersed in living history as they meet the 19th-century canal town pioneers who shaped the contours of Ohio today.

Plan a “boatload” of fun learning for your school group as they realize the great importance of the Ohio and Erie Canal. Before trains and cars, Ohio’s canals connected the Ohio River to Lake Erie. The first canal boat docked at Roscoe Village in 1830 and the town became a major port along the canal. For 25 years, this canal provided a route over which manufactured goods and settlers could flow into the west and timber and agricultural products could pour into the east. Stimulate your student’s curiosity for Ohio’s history as they learn how different life was back in the 19th century!

Option 1 – Canal Town Journey Tour (Self-Guided digital Kiosk)                                                                                                                                                                  Group Size: 20 individuals: (Driver & Escort will be comped)                                                                                                                                                                   

Adult Price: $10.00 Student Price: $5.00                                                                                                                                                                                                        Journey through a restored 1800s Ohio-Erie canal town. Learn about the canal as you watch “The Ditches of Destiny” in our Theater. Afterward, tour the main floor of the Visitor’s Center, complete with our History Room, realistic dioramas, and a working lock model. Experience the world of the Canal Era craftsmen, learn about medicines and instruments at the doctor’s office,  experience daily life in our doctor’s home, take a lesson in our one-room schoolhouse, and more. Our Canal Town Journey Tour supports the State of Ohio Social Studies Standards. 

Option 2 – Hands-On Canal Era Crafts ($4.00 for 1 or $8.00 for 2) 
At Roscoe Village, hands-on activities are based on crafts practiced during the Canal Era. As part of your session, one of our trained interpreters will present appropriate historic interpretation and instructions. (Candle-dipping, Top-Painting, & Tin-Punching)

Additional Activities
Visit the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum. This nationally accredited museum has four permanent exhibit galleries: American Indian, Historic Ohio, Decorative Arts, and East Asian. A fifth gallery displays temporary exhibits that range in topics from art to history.  Adult ticket: $4.50 and Student ticket: $3.50 

Take a ride on the horse-drawn Monticello III Canal boat at the Canal Boat Landing, part of the Lake Park District Complex. No visit to Roscoe Village is complete without a relaxing cruise along a 1 1/2 mile stretch of canal in the horse-drawn Monticello III. The 45-minute ride allows your group to experience this 4 mph mode of early transportation on a small section of the Ohio-Erie Canal. The canal boat captain provides the passengers with a little insight into life on the canal during its 1800s heyday. School Charters: $250.00 

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