Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum

The Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum inspires curiosity. The nationally accredited museum houses a number of collections that include American Indian, Historic Ohio, Decorative Arts and East Asian artifacts.

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The museum is located at 300 North Whitewoman Street, Coshocton, Ohio. Just a short walk at the end of the village.

Handicap Accessible.


The Hopewell tradition flourished in the region along these waterways hundreds of years before the European settlers cut canals. Long ago, the region may even have been a cultural crossroads. One curious artifact at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum may point that way.

The Newark Holy Stones, unearthed in the Newark Ohio Earthworks in the 1860s, are inscribed in Hebrew and one stone even bears an image of Moses.

Pour over living history exhibits. Exhibit Hall houses feature detailed dioramas, intricate maps and a model of the canal and lock system. Take a hard look at the Cooper Age exhibit to see how the region looked before the canals opened Ohio up to settlement

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