Roscoe Village Homeschool Days

an image of several kids examining weaving loom

Spring Homeschool Days

Homeschool Days are held bi-annually in the spring and fall.  

Tickets must be purchased in advance as space is limited. 

2023 Spring Homeschools Days will be Thursday, April 20, 2023


 Friday, April 21, 2023  



Join Us for Spring Homeschool Days on Thursday, April 20th or Friday, April 21st, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Canal Boat Rides will be available for Thursday, April 20th  at 12 pm and 1 pm, and Friday, April 21st at 12 pm  and 1 pm.

Take the Living History Tour (tickets are discounted) and step back in time with our collaborative efforts of digital kiosks and live interpreters. Feel the heat of the blacksmith’s forge as his hammer rings out against his anvil. Experience a lesson in the one room school house. Witness the doctor examine a patient and give his 19th century medical recommendation. Watch as the village weaver crafts an intricate design on a barn loom and try your very own hand at the trades of the time with our Activity Wristband. The Hands-on Crafts are Canal Boat Painting, God’s Eye Weaving (Ojo de Dios), Leathering Punching, Stain Glass Tissue Paper Craft, and Quilt Square Design. 

Visit our friends at the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum and take in their incredible collections complete with artifact galleries of Native American, Historic Ohio, Asian and 18th & 19th Century Decorative Arts, 10 AM – 4PM!

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