"Spirit of Roscoe" Legends & Lanterns Tour


Wednesday, Oct 09 12:00pm - 1:30pm


600 N Whitewoman St, Coshocton, OH 43812


Those who lived here 100 or 200 years ago are just as important as the buildings themselves. Why shouldn't we have a "spirited" village, no town is anything without its people.

Join us in the center of what was once Caldersburg and then renamed Roscoe, a town that dates back to 1816.  We are very proud that our "visitors" remain to watch over the Roscoe they loved. The business owners, tradesmen, shopkeepers, tavern-keepers; they nudge us, they tease us, and they remind us to continue sharing their stories to the visitors who come here today.

The "Spirit of Roscoe" Tour will be available throughout October at 4:00 PM.

$15 Adults 

*Roscoe Village Members receive discounted rates.

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"Spirit of Roscoe" Legends & Lanterns Tour
"Spirit of Roscoe" Legends & Lanterns Tour
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