Roscoe Village Homeschool Days

an image of several kids examining weaving loom

Roscoe Village sets aside homeschool days each year so children can get out, socialize, and have the freedom to explore!
Join Us for Spring Homeschool Days on Thursday, April 29th, or Friday, April 30th, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Scout Patch Program

On the living history tour, scouts will hear about daily life in the 1800s from the village artisans and the skills needed for the survival of the village. Costumed interpreters and crafters will let scouts try their hand at creating their own canal-era projects.  See: Brochures to download the Scout Patch Program Brochure. Scout Patch Program at […]

Educational Programs at Historic Roscoe Village

At Roscoe Village, students embark on a field trip to remember when drafty, one-room schoolhouses were heated by a single Franklin stove, and lessons were copied on small slate boards. Students become immersed in living history as they meet the 19th-century canal town pioneers who shaped the contours of Ohio today. Plan a “boatload” of […]

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