Hands-On Activities

Have fun making a Canal era craft at the Roscoe Village Visitor Center — and get a history lesson and a keepsake at the same time!

Tin Punching


Practice the craft of a tinsmith by transforming a simple piece of tin into a decorative ornament.

  • Recommend grade 2 and higher.
  • Craft involves the use of a hammer and nail. Younger children should have adult assistance.

Candle Dipping


We take light for granted now but lighting up a room wasn't just a flip of a switch in the 19th century.   Learn the important task of hand-dipping a small wick into warm wax to form your very own pair of candles. 

  • Recommend grade K and higher.



The earliest weavers used a slotted wooden frame, yarn and their fingers to practice their craft. Participants can duplicate these early methods to create their small (approx. 2” square) weaving to take home.

  • Recommend grade 4 and higher.
  • Suggest no more than 20 participants per session.
  • Younger children can successfully complete this craft, but may need additional adult assistance.
  • As practice, it may be helpful for school students to make a woven paper craft before their visit to Roscoe Village.

Rope Making


When the captain needed rope to secure his canal boat to its moorings, he made a visit to the local rope-maker.  Join in the fun of twisting rope from simple jute twine. The length of rope can be left intact or you can add knots and cut into souvenir sections for each member in your group.

  • Appropriate for all ages.

Top Painting


Canal life was filled with work, but there was also time for play.  After learning about some canal era games, you can decorate your own wooden top, a 19th century favorite. 

  • Appropriate for all ages.
  • Limit to 20 participants per session.
  • Paint shirts are not provided, washable paint.
  • Allow for dry time.

Visitor Center Hours & Info

Please call for availability.

Cost: $3.00 for each craft (Groups of 10 or more $2.75.)

*Unless otherwise noted, each activity can accommodate up to 30 participants at one time and is structured to last 20 – 30 minutes. Group leaders may pre-schedule two activities for their entire group through our Education Department at 800-877-1830.

What Do Our Visitors Say?

What a special place! Start at the visitor center, watch the film about canals and the village. Next get your ticket for the living history exhibits - veterans/active servicemen are free and there are discounts for students, seniors and AAA members. With the ticket, you wear a wristband and can enter the buildings with a living history storyteller. We visited them all, and learned something at every stop. The weaver did a fantastic job explaining the craft and it was interesting to see a blacksmith in action. Print shop, broom maker, schoolhouse and Dr office - all were staffed and the guide shared stories of the people who lived there. Nestled in with the exhibits are some neat shops for antiques, Ohio made items and collectibles. Be sure to catch the canal boat ride - it requires an extra fee, and only runs certain times/days. The boat has a guide, and ours was fantastic! We learned so much about canals and their part in the history of Ohio. This place is a family friendly trip, something all ages can enjoy.