Roscoe Village is a bridge to a time when the canal system changed the course of Ohio history.

We want to share a link from Nan & Earl Miller who were here touring, researching and taking photos this past summer. Take a look.

Visitors to this unique and picturesque Village step back into the story of Ohio’s heritage and are immersed in living history.

The restored 1830s port town is a stage for costumed interpreters and crafters portraying the life of those who lived and worked here.

Group and casual dining can be found at our village restaurants and pubs.

The shops of Roscoe Village offer a variety of unique gifts and several Ohio handcrafted items. Beautiful gardens and restored Greek revival architecture attract visitors from all over Ohio.

Guests boarding the Monticello III can relax on the horse-drawn canal boat, while listening to stories of life on the Ohio Erie canal as relayed by the Captain. Whatever path may be taken at Roscoe Village leads visitors to a day to remember.

What Makes Roscoe Village Unique?

Roscoe Village expands education and knowledge of the region's canal era, and beyond.

The nationally accredited Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum inspires curiosity and its collection includes American Indian, Historic Ohio, Decorative Arts, East Asian and other artifacts.

At Roscoe Village, there is always more to explore. The main floor of the Visitor Center has detailed dioramas, intricate maps and models of the canal and lock system and a working grist mill. Whitewoman Street includes the Village Smithy, the Hay Craft & Learning Center, the Toll House, Dr. Maro Johnson’s Office, Dr. Maro Johnson’s Home and Kitchen Pantry, the Caldersburgh Pearl Canal Boat Exhibit, the Craftsman’s House and the Roscoe School.

Roscoe Village is a place where history is alive and where visitors can experience the living history tour – stepping back in time.

The Roscoe Village FoundAtion

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Today, the Montgomery Foundation and the Roscoe Village Foundation continue the tradition of linking the Canal era to the present, and enthusiastically carry on the Montgomery’s legacy. Roscoe Village is an effort to preserve, protect and promote an important piece of Ohio’s history and heritage along the banks of the Ohio and Erie Canal.
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