The Gardens of Roscoe Village

Mrs. Montgomery in the Historic Roscoe Village Gardens OhioThe flower beds of Roscoe Village were created in the early 1970’s out of Frances Montgomery’s love for gardening. Today the beauty of Roscoe Village is showcased with pocket gardens throughout the village.

Having been started from transplants from Mrs. Montgomery’s Hill Street home, the gardens of Roscoe Village represent the dreams and hard work of Frances Montgomery. Mrs. Montgomery could be found in Roscoe Village daily until just a few months before her death in July 1989.  

Enjoy a trip to Historic Roscoe Village and stroll through the beautiful gardens planted throughout this restored 1800's canal town.


The Gardens of Roscoe Village


The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

To reduce the high maintenance of annuals, the original garden was re-designed as a butterfly garden.  The butterfly bath provides the water butterflies need.

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Tollhouse Garden
Tollhouse Garden

Toll House Garden

Being the first garden planted by Mrs. Montgomery, many of the plants originated from her home on Hill Street.  She loved plants with red berries and white flowers and used many in this garden.

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio LeRetilley Garden
LeRetilley Garden

LeRetilley Fish Pond Garden

A warehouse owned by James LeRetilley once occupied this site.  It was reclaimed as a garden by Mrs. Montgomery in 1975.

Eliza's Garden in Historic Roscoe Village Ohio
Eliza's Garden

Eliza’s Garden

A stone wall and a picket fence are the focal points of this garden which was created along the path of the canal.

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Buckeye Garden
Buckeye Garden

Buckeye Garden

Mrs. Montgomery designed this garden using stone from an existing house foundation and stone from the old Coshocton County Jail.  A Buckeye Tree planted in 1993 replaced one that was destroyed in a 1989 storm.

Gazebo Garden in Roscoe Village Ohio
Gazebo Garden

Gazebo Garden

A Chandler Hut and gazebo anchor this area to provide a place to sit and rest.  

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Mrs Montgomery Garden
Mrs. Montgomery Garden

Frances Montgomery Memorial Garden

This garden was dedicated to honor Mrs. Montgomery and her passion for gardening.  From the waterfall to the stonework, many of her favorite plants are featured.Read More About the Frances Montgomery Memorial Garden Historic Roscoe Village Ohio

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Weavers Garden
Weaver's Garden

Weaver’s Garden

The Daniel Boyd house was moved to this spot in 1990. In 2003, the Master Gardeners converted the area to a weaver’s garden growing plants that were used for dying cloth.

The Gardens of Historic Roscoe Village Ohio Caldersburgh Garden
Caldersburgh Garden

Caldersburgh Garden

James Calder founded this area in 1816. It was renamed Roscoe in 1831.  The Canal Boat Exhibit was built in 2001.  The gardens planted are to give the area a natural look.

Come see the beauty of the Gardens of Roscoe Village

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