Lock 27 Pub

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Warehouse Stein n Stein & Lock 27 Pub in Roscoe Ohio

The Warehouse in Historic Roscoe VillageLock 27 Pub

400 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
(740) 622-4001


The History of the Warehouse - c.1838

Warehouse Stein n Stein & Lock 27 Pub in Historic Roscoe Village

This canal era warehouse and mill store was another building in the village built by Arnold Medbery.  Medbery came to Roscoe Village in 1832 from New York State on the canal boat.  He invested in land and several buildings in Roscoe, including the Union Mill, Empire Mill and Roscoe Hotel (now Medbery Marketplace).  Medbery married Phebe Denman in 1836.  You may meet Phebe on the Living History Tour!

Today, this historical building is home to the Lock 27 Pub & Warehouse Stein n Stein.  Visitors enjoy the atmosphere of this beautifully restored warehouse as they dine in the restaurant or relax in the more casual Lock 27 Pub.  Summertime brings outdoor dining and entertainment in the lovely Carriage Gardens.



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