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Canal Cargo in Historic Roscoe VillageCanal Cargo

442 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
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 The History of the Nicholas Schott House (reconstructed) - 1974

Nicholas Schott House in Historic Roscoe Village

Nicholas Schott (a.k.a. John Nicholas Schott) immigrated to Coshocton County in 1838.  He was a miller by trade and sometime between c.1856-1859, he assisted Arnold Medbery in building the Empire Mill.  In 1974, this building was erected to replace Nicholas Schott's home, which unfortunately was beyond restoration.  It was constructed in a similar likeness to the original. 

Today this building houses Canal Cargo.  This unique gift shop boasts collections of wonderful handmade gifts, Vera Bradley handbags, gourmet food, bath & body care items, WoodWick and Yankee candles, clothing, a complete winemakers cellar and more. 



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