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The Gleason Findlay House in Historic Roscoe VillageCaldersburgh Trading Company

416 N. Whitewoman Street
Coshocton, Ohio 43812
(740) 291-8000


The History of the Gleason-Finlay House - c.1887

Gleason-Finlay House in Historic Roscoe Village

This historical building is the only wood-framed, double-family structure on Whitewoman Street and is believed to have replaced a tavern which had burned.  In 1892, the ownership transferred to E.C. Gleason, the owner of the lumber mill. In 1935, after E. C. Gleason's death, the ownership transferred to his children, Maude Gleason Finlay and John Gleason.

Today this building houses the Caldersburgh Trading Company.  A unique shop that offers antique books, vintage and antique decor, beautiful canvas prints, ladies' clothing, jewelry and accessories and much more!



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