Living History Tour Exhibits

Take a tour of the Living History Exhibits and experience a bit of Canal Era life in early Roscoe.  Living History Tour tickets can be purchased at the Visitor Center or the Toll House for entry to the exhibits listed below.

Living History Exhibits at Historic Roscoe Village


Living History Exhibits Visitor Center
Visitor Center

The Visitor Center

This may be your first stop upon arrival to Roscoe Village. Guests can purchase their Living History Tour tickets here and view the "Ditches of Destiny" video in the Theater on the main floor. Guests may also stroll through the Founder’s Gallery, where the story of Edward and Frances Montgomery’s restoration dream is told. On the main floor you will also find detailed dioramas, maps and a model of the canal and lock system. Be sure to browse for some unique gifts in the Village Crafter’s Shop, located opposite of the main desk.  

The Village Smitty Exhibit Building at Historic Roscoe Village
The Village Smitty

The Village Smithy

Built c.1889, this rustic structure is the workplace of the Village blacksmith. Since its renovation in 1978, the barn has come alive with memories, as our blacksmith demonstrates, using the old tools and techniques of the Canal Era.

The Hay Craft Learning Center Exhibit Building at Historic Roscoe Village
The Hay Craft & Learning Center

The Hay Craft & Learning Center

Watch the broom squire handcraft useful brooms from broomcorn. Learn about the various specialty brooms made in Roscoe Village. See the printer operate an 1870s press and receive a sample bookmark. Home to the broom shop and print shop, the Raymond Hay Craft and Learning Center was built in 1987 and named in honor of Raymond Hay, an active community leader and supporter of Roscoe Village.

Toll House Living History Building Exhibit
The Toll House

The Toll House

This is the restored home of Jacob Welsh, the first recorded toll collector in Roscoe. The Toll House has exhibit items and features The Toy Cellar, a vintage toy exhibit. Guests may also view a video about the restoration processes used throughout the Village, browse the Toll House gift shop and purchase Living History Tour tickets here.

Dr Maro Johnson Living History Building Exhibit
Dr. Johnson’s Office

Dr. Maro Johnson's Office

Built in 1842, Dr. Johnson’s Office is home to many medical instruments and furnishings of the 19th century. Listen to Dr. Johnson as he shares stories about 1800s medicine. Visit the medical display located on the second floor.

The Johnsons House Exhibit Building at Historic Roscoe Village
Dr. Maro Johnson's House

Dr. Maro Johnson's House

This beautifully furnished 1830s period home was once owned by Dr. Maro Johnson, a prominent doctor in Roscoe during the Canal Era. Here he lived with his wife and four children while keeping his office in the rooms next door. Antiques from the 1800s provide the background, while costumed interpreters describe the lifestyle and furnishings.

Caldersburgh Pearl Canal Exhibit Building at Historic Roscoe Village
Caldersburgh Pearl Canal

Caldersburgh Pearl Canal Boat Exhibit

Climb aboard this life-size replica of a three-cabin cargo boat. This exhibit is permanently moored along the hillside in Roscoe and will spark the imaginations of guests of all ages with its authentic detail.

Roscoe School Living History Exhibit at Historic Roscoe Village
Roscoe School

Roscoe School

At the Roscoe School, children of all ages gather at the one-room schoolhouse for a daily lesson of reading, writing and arithmetic under the watchful eye of the school teacher.

The Craftman's House Living History Exhibit at Historic Roscoe Village
The Craftman's House

The Craftman's House

This house is the oldest building(built in 1825) in Roscoe and is the only building to be moved from its original site on SR 541 W.  This little home has quite a past. Previously the home of canal weaver Daniel Boyd and his family, today you will find looms and a home representing the lifestyle of the typical Roscoe resident.  

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